Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to activate jump links in your blog

This post describes how to make your blog post only show the first part and have a link to the rest of it.
In the blogger "New Post" editor its called a "Jump Link" and its available from the "settings" tab, then "basic" tab at the bottom of the screen. This blog post uses the Jump Link feature, so please click the following "Read more>>" link to continue.

First go into the blogger admin site. Click on the "Settings" tab, then the "Basic" tab. At the bottom of the page you will see the control to activate Jump Links in your blog.

Now you choose the "Updated Editor" control, scroll down farther in the page and click "Save"

Now click on the "Posting" tab and then the "New Post" tab. Click on the "Compose" tab and in the toolbar on the far right, you should see an icon of a page torn in half. That is the "Jump link" button. When you've written the summary (abstract) of your article, click that button to insert the "Jump Link". The Jump Link is simply a tag inserted immediately following your text. You can see it by clicking on the "Edit HTML" tab in the editor. In this editor mode, you can use simple HTML code to clean up the formatting to make it look as close to your ideal as possible.
This is what the "Jump Link" looks like in HTML Editor mode

Click on the "Compose" tab again to get back to your WYSIWIG mode and the "Jump Link" appears as a line across the bottom of the page. It does not look this way in the finished product, it only appears that way as a formatting guide for you. In the finished it will appear as "Read more>>" under your summary.

Now you should be able to work with the Jump Link tag whenever you want and if it disappears (as it will sometimes), you know how to get it back from the "Settings", "Basic" tab.

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